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Parents & Citizens Association
All parents are eligible for membership of the P&C and we warmly invite you all to come along – meetings are held on the 3rd & 7th Tuesday of each term, commencing at 7:00pm in the staffroom.  P&C Associations are made up of a group of dedicated people who want all children to have the best possible preparation and opportunities as they step across through the years of schooling – so come along and be involved in ideas and activities providing additional facilities and enhanced resourcing for Gympie Central School! 
Throughout the year the P&C will have fundraisers which we encourage all parents to be a part of. Parents are invited to assist with Tuckshop Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. Please see our Tuckshop Convenor if you are interested in supporting our school in this way, she will negotiate with you the most appropriate time the support is required.
Parents are most welcome as volunteers in our classrooms. Please see your child’s teacher if you are interested in helping out in this way. They will negotiate with you the most appropriate time to receive support.
Use of the school grounds only occurs with the permission of the Principal.
Gympie Central State School is a SMOKE FREE ZONE.
Gympie Central State School is an ALCOHOL FREE ZONE.
 Functions of the P&C Association as outlined in the Constitution are as follows:
· To generally foster community interest in educational matters.
· To endeavour to bring about closer cooperation between the parents of the students attending the school, other members of the community and the teachers and students at school.
· To provide advice and recommendations to the Principal of the school.
· Mutual partnerships - issues and concerns in respect of students attending the school.
· Mutual partnerships - general operations and management of the school.
· To provide and assist in the provisions of resources or services for the benefit of the students of the school.
· To perform any other functions, not consistent with the new Education (General Provisions) Act 2006, as the Minister may from time to time determine.
How parents can make a good school better:
· Make an effort to understand what the school is trying to do. If possible, express your support for our aims and the values we express.
· Participate on committees and in discussion groups that consider educational issues and other school community activities.
· See the school as ‘your’ school. Encourage your children to see it in the same way.
· Offer constructive criticism and suggestions, by directing your comments to the Principal. Don’t ‘bad mouth’ the school in the general community.
· Go to school activities – open days, concerts, class activities, sports days, celebrations, etc.
· Join the school’s parents and citizens association and look after the school’s interests.
· Welcome new parents. Help them feel that they belong. Build their confidence in the school.
· Encourage your child to co-operate fully, to join in all school activities, and to take pride in their school.
· Let the Principal and Staff know you support them all the way, even if sometimes you have to be a friendly critic or a critical friend.
· Get to know your child’s teacher. Be considerate, of the fact that the teachers core role is the teaching and management of the children in the class, and that there are busy times when it may not be suitable to spend time talking to the teacher.
Parents are encouraged to support their child’s class by volunteering on a parent roster.  Parents working in classrooms may be asked to:
-             listen to children read                                   -             hear spelling
-             take a small group for activities                  -             work one-on-one with an individual child
-             prepare materials                                          -             be a spotter for swimming